Carrots Juice Bar

It is our mission to serve fresh, nutritional and well prepared meals in a welcoming & comfortable atmosphere.

Swimming Pool

Take a swim or enjoy Aqua Aerobics classes, including Aqua Bike classes, exclusively at The Spa Fitness and Wellness Center.


Benefits include improved confidence, enhanced mood, and increased vitamin D levels. Get fit & tan, all in one place.

  • Friendly Staff!

    Jasmine C, Spa Fitness Center Member

    Love the gym, clean, everyone is friendly, reasonable rate, my kids don't scream when they get to childcare and they do actual activities.

  • Great Atmosphere!

    Jordan L, Spa Fitness Center Member

    I've been a member here for almost two years and I absolutely love it! The atmosphere is so nice, all the staff are super friendly and it is rarely ever crowded!

  • Amazing personal trainers!

    Aimee F, Spa Fitness Center Member

    The Childcare is great, my 4 year old loves it. I've been a member for over a year and still very pleased.