What’s For Lunch?

What’s For Lunch?
Rickie Hodges


Another school year is upon us.  We always have the highest expectations of our little ones, pee-wees, pre-teens and teens.  How often are the lunch menus or the content of the menus discussed with parents at the open house or PTA meeting?  Over 29% of N.C.’s population is obese, many of them children.  Studies show that proper childhood nutrition during the developmental years could directly effect cognitive function as well as academic gains.  Proper nutrition includes – not skipping breakfast, as well as eating a variety of CLEAN, FUNCTIONAL FOODS.

Parents directly have an influence on a child’s choice of foods.  The challenge is recognizing what we as parent’s must change in our own dietary habits, setting an example for our kids. Until certain acts are passed by Congress that will ensure kids have healthier food options in school, there are a few steps we can take.  Adequate breakfast DOES NOT include super-refined carbs such as waffles and sugar coated cereals.  Some good alternative’s would be:  veggie omelets, lean meats, low glycemic fruit such as berries or low sugar yogurt (preferably organic) or a combination of any of the above.

What to pack in their LUNCH – steer towards lean meats, boiled eggs, nuts, dried fruit or fresh fruit, veggies and flavored “kid” water, do away with high fructose corn syrup juices.

Now we have a foundation for a healthier school year.  The question is…What’s For Lunch?