How can you obtain that New Year’s Resolution?

In the past, we discussed how to create a SMART goal when making your New Year’s resolution, which can be checked out here ( . Now we’re going to discuss how you can obtain that goal and come out a new healthy you in the New Year.

New Year’s Cleaning: Clearing out your kitchen or office space of any food that is high in fats or sugar is the first step in being successful with your New Year’s resolution. This includes chips, sodas, pastries, and candy. Try replacing them with more healthy options such as 100 calorie snacks, more fruits (which is great to have when you are having a sweet tooth in the middle of the night), air-popped popcorn, and many other tasty healthy items.

Add Don’t Subtract: While many think that subtracting food is the way to go when starting your diet this is not the case. You should be eating at least three meals a day, with breakfast being the most important one, while snacking on small items in between. This will lead you to losing more body fat than you practically starving yourself.

Make It a Lifestyle Not a Task: Goals to go to the gym every day in the New Year can often get lost in stress and responsibilities at home and at work but this year it doesn’t have to. Instead, turn working out into lifestyle instead of daily task before or after work. Join one of our many classes that we offer, ask for one of our core fitness personal trainers to help reach your goal, and more importantly make friends with the staff and the members that are there. Doing this will make your experience more enjoyable.

Remember that it’s a marathon not race and your goal should be to become more healthy not to lose 30 pounds by Groundhog Day. Go by completing your New Year’s goal week by week instead of all at once. Each week, cut something out, such as drinking soda or eating sweets and instead of eating out every day change it to only twice a week.

The Spa Fitness and Wellness Center located in Fayetteville, NC is where your goals will be met this upcoming year. Start now and bring in the New Year as a new you instead of the other way around and making a resolution you’re never going keep. Stick with The Spa Fitness and Wellness Center and we promise you won’t regret it! Start your 7-day risk-free membership today with us!