No Time ( To Start ) Like the Present

You may be thinking to yourself that summer is coming to an end, so the need to worry about being in shape is gone. You can pull out your flannels, jeans and boots out and prepare for all of the holiday meals. At The Spa Fitness and Wellness Center, we’re here to tell you that, that doesn’t need to be the case. Starting a fitness goal can be a challenge. For those of us who work long days, going to the gym is the last thing on your mind. Here are a few tips you can use to help get you started!

Before and After Pictures

Taking before and after pictures can be quite helpful when it’s been a few weeks of working out, the scale doesn’t seem to be moving and you’re in need of some motivation! Sometimes it’s hard to see the difference, but with a before picture you’ll see the differences in all the days following after!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Don’t get too ahead of yourself! A fitness journey is not a short or an easy one. Seeing changes takes time and it’s not just a couple of weeks. Start with small goals, such as working out x amount of days a week for x amount of time. If you decide to set a high goal for yourself, you may fall off the exercise train if you don’t meet it.

Make One Change at a Time

Another thing you don’t want to make a major change on is your diet. While some of us may have the strength to quit all of those pesky eating habits overnight, some of us need to start out with smaller goals so we don’t fall back. Start out by cutting out the really bad stuff such as greasy and fried foods, along with heavily sugared and caffeinated beverages. Instead of completely cutting out your favorite foods, do some research and look for substitutes that can just as good or better. Portion control can also be very helpful through your fitness journey.

Come Up With a Plan

You certainly don’t want to start a fitness goal with a blind eye. You’ll want to come up with a plan so that you’re prepared and ready for anything you may encounter. There are various apps and websites that offer work out plans and nutritional guidance. If you think you may need a little extra help you can always get a personal trainer who will be sure to keep you on track.

No matter how prepared you are, expect this journey to be a challenging one. Just because you don’t see changes, doesn’t mean you’re not changing! If you’re ready to start and are sitting there thinking “I wonder what gyms are near me?” look no further! The Spa Fitness and Wellness Center can be everything you need, if you’re looking to start conquering your fitness goals. From a weight and cardio room, to various aerobic classes, we’re sure to have what you need. That not enough to convince you? We also offer tanning packages and even have a juice bar!