Is indoor fitness better than outdoor fitness?

Let’s face it, as the summer heat beams down on us in Fayetteville, NC, you may be thinking of putting off your outdoor workout routine until fall when the heat subsides. With temperatures in the high 90’s, it’s definitely understandable. But don’t let the warm weather hold you back! There are plenty of reasons why taking your workout to the gym can be beneficial for your routine.


There is an abundance of fitness classes that you can take while working out in a gym. At the Spa Fitness and Wellness Center, you can enjoy the benefits of dance fitness such as Zumba classes, Yoga, water fitness classes such as water spin, and aqua bootcamps. We also offer a variety of strength training classes and aerobics in the mornings and evenings, with a wide range of time slots to fit your schedule.


Also, when working out outdoors, you have to rely on yourself or friends to provide work out equipment such as free weights or dumbbells. When you take your workout indoors, you are able to enjoy the plethora of weights, exercise machines, ropes, and tires. Why spend thousands of dollars on exercise equipment when you have full access to it at the gym? Oftentimes, individuals will spend money on machines for their own home, and rarely invest the time into using them. When coming to work out at The Spa Fitness and Wellness Center, you are more liable to hold yourself accountable to take use of these machines and all the equipment we have to offer. We also offer personal training, so if you are a bit lost on where to begin in your workout, how to lose weight or just tone up, you can enjoy the advantages of working alongside one of our highly qualified professionals to provide the best workout advice and training in the Fayetteville, NC area.

Finally, who wants to work out in the humid outdoors when you can enjoy the refreshing advantages of working out in a well lit and air conditioned facility? It makes a world of difference and is definitely a safer option in order to beat the heat.


For more information on the benefits of indoor workouts, give us a call at 910-484-2111 or visit our Fayetteville location at 860 Elm St., Fayetteville NC 28303. You can also visit us on the web at Spa Fitness Center!