Energy Replenishment

Spring is here!!  Many of you want to get outside and go for a run/jog.  I don’t blame you, here is some information to help you get the most out of your workout.

Most people believe cardio should be done before strength training when truly it is the opposite. You want to engage in your strength training prior to your cardio workout.

During the first 15 seconds of your strength training workout you have the greatest potential to lift heavy.  After 15 seconds your ATP will need to be replenished which is why it is important to give yourself adequate rest (60-90 seconds) between sets.

During the first 7 minutes of a run you may start to feel sluggish or tired, then all of the sudden you feel recharged.  This feeling of recharging is actually your body switching from using creatine phosphate and carbohydrates as an energy source to using fat.  This is the time to let the “fat” do the work.

Now to put this information together; during the first part of any activity your body wants to use mainly creatine phosphate, producing the largest amount of power. If you do cardio before strength training you are wasting the creatine phosphate because your body naturally wants to go into fat storage to get you through the duration of the exercise without rest.  To guarantee the most success when working out use your energy sources to your advantage and strength train before hitting the great outdoors.