Avoid Weekend Warrior Syndrome

Avoid Weekend Warrior Syndrome
Patricia Taylor


Finally, fall is here! Time for pumpkins, bonfires, crunchy leaves, Halloween, and FOOTBALL! With cooler temperatures on the way, more weekend athletes or “weekend warriors” are venturing out to take advantage of the fall season. For some people the weekend is the only time to exercise. After a sedentary 40 hour work week, 36 rounds of golf and end-zone catches a weekend can take a toll on the body – resulting in common sports injuries. Even, if you put more hours into training than the average person, you run the risk of experiencing similar injuries.

Some of the common injuries that occur with fall sports are sprained ankles, shin splints, patella-femoral syndrome (knee pain), lower back pain and groin strain. To avoid these injuries remember to start slow, give the body time to warm up then gradually increase the intensity. A basic warm up should include five minutes of walking or light jogging, followed by sport specific stretches to loosen up the muscles used for your sport. The cool down, which is just as important as your warm up, should gradually decrease your heart rate back to normal and should include some stretches to avoid muscle soreness the next day. Be certain you have the proper footwear or other gear to prevent injury.

If you feel a sharp or stabbing pain during activity-STOP! With a little planning you can reduce your risk for pain and improve your overall fitness. Most weekend warriors can avoid many of their injuries, aches and pains by committing to a brief 25-30 minute stretch and strengthening session every other day.

Another way to avoid injuries is to schedule a few sessions with a Core Fitness Coach. Our fitness coaches can give you a short but specific set of stretches and strength-training exercises to do several times a week. These quick workouts can prep your muscles for your weekend activities, as well as, maintain your strength and flexibility for all your everyday activities.